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5-Step Lawn Care Program

Step 1 Application One: Crabgrass Control & Fertilizer (March & April)
A pre-emergant herbicide is applied now before the crabgrass germinates. Also fertilizer at this time is helpful for an early spring green-up. These are the months when crabgrass can best be controlled.
Step 2 Application Two: Spring Broadleaf Control & Fertilizer (May & June)
Fertilization along with broadleaf weed control will be applied at this time. Please remember that we will only be able to control those weeds that are visible at the time of application.
Step 3 Application Three: Summer Green Up (July & August)
A Slow Release fertilizer is applied at this time to sustain your lawn through the high stress of summer heat and with a more even fertilizer level, you also get better disease control.
Step 4 Application Four: Fall Broadleaf Control & Fertilizer (September & October)
Fertilizers along with broadleaf weed killers are appled at this time to prepare your lawn for winter and to rid your lawn of those weeds that may have appeared during the summer.
Step 5 Application Five: Winterizer Fertilizer (November & December)
Fertilizers are used at this time to help prevent winter stress and promote healthy root development. Your lawn will also green-up sooner next spring.